Poem English/ Spanish


For my project I want my bilingual students to choose a short poem in Spanish, the one they like the most, and then translate it in English. Once they choose their poem they would have to recite the poem in either language. Since technology is very broad they would be able to find the exact translation for the poem.

This would help students develop their knowledge with poetry and translation with both languages.  My YouTube video shows the author reciting his poem in Spanish and then I added the translation so the listeners can follow the recitation. I hope you guys like my lesson =]

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  1. That is cool, just be wary of some translators because they don’t necessarily translate the correct expression or conjugate verbs correctly.

    • yeah but you know how some stuff in Spanish is not always translated right in English so they would have to change the words a bit

  2. Although I can’t understand spanish, its done very nicely…to show the video screen on your post, you can go to edit and click on youtube link and then copy the URL of your video in that.

  3. Love the fact that you actually showed your translation of the song, you actually did the assignment first. I love it my teacher’s does the assignment along with us…:D

    • yeah I was braking my head with the movie maker my first time actually using it so i was kinda lost, but now i got the hang of it

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