Mike Wesch


Mike Wesch – 03/06/10

In the video of Mike Wesch he mentions his experience in New Guinea and how he had to adapted to a new culture where there was no electricity and no media. However as time passed by a new form of media enter society and it changed the ways society functioned. Wesch mentions three reason how media uses us, how it has changed and how it mediates.

  “Sometimes when we are trying to use media, the media is using us.” Mike Wesch


“New media comes in into society and changes the society as a whole and we are all part of those changes.” Mike Wesch


“Media are just not tools, media are not just means of communication. Media mediates relationships and they mediate how people are conected, who is connected to who, what is connected to what and when you added all up when media change relatiosnhip change and the whole structure of society can change.” Mike Wesch

Later he states his experience where he works, with his college students. Students now a days are allowed to bring electronics to their classrooms. however, the question is do they pay attention when they have this electronics with them? Mike Wesch also made a poll that shows how students waist money on books that they don’t even use and also how students “study” and get lower grades.

  “The walls are sending a different message, the walls are sending a message that first of that to learn is to acquire information.” Mike Wesch




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