Learning can be FUN



Mrs. Cassidy has a blog,Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog, and she shares some classroom games that she uses to teach in her classroom. In a way I can compare myself to Mrs.Cassidy because in the future, when I have my own class, I would like to have my lessons based on games and make it fun for my students.

    The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.

She also adds electronics to her daily teaching and what surprised me the most was using the NintendoDS and her students worked together to make up rules for the game they had.

As I mentioned above I relate to Mrs. Cassidy  because she inclides games into her lessons. Moreover, as an elementary Bilingual teacher that I want to become, I need to use visual so my non-English speaking students can understand and visualize while I teach. I also would like to have activities that could add hands on lessons, this way students can interact with each other and help each other as well. Something this teacher does during math time.

I also found two great video that I would like to share and that might motivate us to become better teachers. =D


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  1. Including games in the classroom is a great idea. I wish learning was this fun back in the day. As years go by, students will learn in more and more fun ways. This is great!

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