My view of my experience


 I think this image describes my experience in the undergraduate because for me time is very valuable. Being in college and having a job is very time consuming, family is also important for me therefore I have to find time for my family and friends. Also soccer, since is my hobby,I have to find time to play the sport I love. 

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  1. i agree! Family, money and keeping up with other responsibilities is very difficult especially when you are a full time student.

  2. i love this picture. it shows how college students are juggling so many things at one time such as working, school, homework and taking care of the family.

    • yeah I love the picture too most of it because it has the soccer ball since i play soccer at York and it takes some of my time too

  3. Keeping one’s sanity with the many, many things your expected to stay on top of can definitely be a struggle. I wonder if they have an app for that…you know it could go to soccer practice for you while you finish your school work. That way you’ll only have to play in the games! 😉

    Andrea try and fix your hyperlink so that it is only linking a few words, such as “this image” in the first sentence instead of hyperlinking the entire paragraph. Also edit the image and include a title and the link URL. The link URL will make the image clickable and take one back to the original site.

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